2019 - My Year in Review

Things I worked on in 2019 that made an impact and solved problems meaningfully


Work-life 2019-20

Designing for growth

  • This year I learnt extensively about designing for growth in a mid-sized company and experienced first-hand how small design and interaction changes can affect adoption rates drastically. 

  • I practiced data-driven designing. Taking informed design decisions based on hard data points. Being part of a product team with experienced folks taught me a lot in this regard.

  • Worked with various cross-functional teams: Engineering, Customer Success, and Marketing.

Design feature - Round Robin

This was an interesting, first of a kind design I worked on. I'm proud and amazed by the traction this got. The purpose of Round Robin was to automatically assign conversations in the Admin's shared mailbox so that they don’t waste time doing it manually.


$900(and counting) per year

Revenue impact of Round Robin


Upgraded to a paid plan to use this feature 

Freelance work & courses

  • I worked with my first international client (based out of the US) this year. They liked my work and I continue to work with them regularly. It's been a great collaboration experience and the exposure to a different design culture has been very rewarding.

  • The online design community has always been my oyster. I did a great HCI course taught by Alan Dix on IDF among others. As the wise ones say, learning should never stop. Not till the day we die.

Emceeing & volunteering

This year, I conquered my fear of the stage and emceed for two major hackathons - Wmn: India's largest women-only hackathon. and InOut : India’s biggest community hackathon. My network increased two-fold and I met some really cool designers and entrepreneurs on the way.


I look pretty damn serious in this shot but Doge behind me explains everything.